Company Quality Policy

Healthropy S.r.l. constantly pursue continuous improvement that takes it beyond compliance with legislative requirements. The company decides to commit itself to keep the Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, promoting an increasing integration in the reality of the company management system, overcoming the risks of formalization of its distorted application and thus aiming at maximum efficiency, efficacy and safety.
Internal and external stakeholders are among the essential assets for the company, which has among its founding values customer orientation, proactivity, transparency and information security.
Healthropy S.r.l. believes that long-term success depends on the ability to identify their needs and meet their requirements, a prerequisite for creating value and maintaining market leadership.
Healthropy S.r.l. values are:
  • PROFESSIONALITY - services with excellent technical and qualitative characteristics;
  • RELIABILITY - because it lives up to expectations and keeps its promises, building transparent relationships with all its stakeholders;
  • DYNAMISM - because it is quick to respond, curious to meet challenges;
  • PERSON VALUE - because before and beyond the roles of customer, supplier, partner there are people, unique individuals with whom we are honoured to deal.
These are the guiding values, capable of growing one's own intangible capital: reputation. The ability to live our values on a daily basis allows to:

  • offer to employee quality work In respect of their rights and protection but also to increase professionalism and skills;
  • provide customers high quality, secure and continuous services and communicate with them in a transparent and logic way;
  • ensure maximum confidentiality in the processing of customer data and all interested stakeholders involved in the company;
  • ensure responsible and transparent contract management for suppliers;
  • check the "ethical" aspects of our supply;
  • involve partners sharing with our values, creating networks of "cultural" and business interest, continuously providing and acquiring experience and skills.

The quality policy of Healthropy S.r.l. can therefore be summarized in the following points:
  • to act as a customer reference to provide high quality services with the aim of improving customer satisfaction;
  • achieve results on time and on budget thanks to experience, expertise and the best use of state-of-the-art technology;
  • all processes and related activities over which the quality management system has influence are carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015;
  • in the belief that the achievement of objectives can only be reached through the involvement of all employees and collaborators, the Management is committed to the creation of appropriate tools for communication and dissemination of quality objectives at all levels of the organization and for continuous improvement pursuance;
  • the Management plans and implements initiatives to raise awareness and for the development of its staff and for their professional growth in the company.

Healthropy S.r.l. is aware that these are fundamental objectives to ensure its development, it is committed to:
  • support, disseminate and make the Quality Management System Policy understandable to all company personnel, distributing the Manual and the remaining documentation regarding the specific tasks assigned to them to the company departments concerned and promoting appropriate training and communication actions using existing company tools;
  • spread to the outside (customers/suppliers/partners/other stakeholders) the policy of the Quality Management System by sending e-mails and/or dissemination through its website;
  • make company personnel pursue the established policy and the objectives periodically assigned to them, providing them with the necessary resources and means;
  • periodically monitor the implementation of the policy during internal audits;
  • proceed to the systematic review of the continuous suitability of its contents, in order to obtain the requirements and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
  • comply with all mandatory requirements related to the reference sector, the effects that the company has on the environment, employment contracts and workers' rights.
The belief is that the pursuit of this policy will lead to sustainable growth of the organisation. The Management is committed to providing the necessary resources for the management of the systems in line with the company policy and objectives, guaranteeing all personnel maximum availability for the implementation of this policy and entrusting the various figures in Healthropy S.r.l. with the task of implementing, managing and monitoring the efficiency of the system.

Download here the quality policy RINA
Download here the quality policy IQNET