HQuantum© is a set of web services, hosted in the cloud, which allows any existing clinical data management system to communicate and interact with other systems, via a standard interface within the cloud. Thanks to this web services approach, the existing system does not need to change. The application of cloud technology reduces the need for new hardware, and the associated capital expenditure, with a periodic fee for the use of the necessary web services.

Healthropy S.r.l. supplies the solution that allows true process interoperability between different elements of health care. The in-house data and processes of each health care function are matched and translated into the standard data and processes contained within HQuantum©, providing the needed interoperability interface.

Thanks to the process interoperability interfaces provided by HQuantum©, each health care provider can take part in care initiatives that are developed for the patient, shared with other organizations, and defined by means of standardized processes interoperations.

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